The basis for our success and reputation is our continual handling of clients' enquiries in complete confidentiality, it is a word we have used throughout our website, as this is paramount to every client who contacts us who uses our service, albeit buyer, vendors or for valuations.

Our confidentiality is proven and the foundation of our success and during the years we have gained an untarnished reputation, despite this, we never take it for granted and we continually review this on a daily basis. Your trust is most seriously guarded and we have always maintained that no fee will ever be high enough to jeopardise our reputation, this is not a PR spin, as other companies will use, talk is easy, and ours is a pure fact that is continually proven on a daily basis over the many years, we have been in business.

Furthermore, it is the company policy is that if any of our clients, in the very unlikely event lets us down by breaching confidentiality they are immediately de-listed from our database.

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